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Robin Cloud Native Storage and Data Management

Enterprise-grade, application aware. Any Kubernetes. Any cloud.

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Simplify and Automate Delivery of 5G Services

Deploy RAN, Core and Edge services in minutes, not weeks

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Robin provides hyper-automation and app-aware storage and data management to enable data- and network-centric applications to be deployed in minutes, not weeks. Improve developer productivity, reduce operational complexity and improve resource utilization.

The Robin difference

For Enterprise

  • Increased Productivity

    Developers and DevOps don’t need to be storage experts

  • Lower Cost

    Improve performance and utilization through app- and infrastructure-aware platform

  • Freedom of Choice

    Avoid lock-in with multi-cloud portability across on-prem and public clouds

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For 5G

  • Faster Time to Market

    Hyper-automation results in faster roll out of 5G network services

  • Modernize your network

    Transition to cloud-native architecture to simplify and accelerate operations

  • Lower TCO

    Significant CapEx and OpEx savings through HW/SW disaggregation and end-to-end automation

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Robin Cloud Native Storage for Kubernetes

More and more enterprises are using Kubernetes for more traditional, stateful applications such as databases, analytics, and indexing and search. However, they are challenged with how to manage persistent storage for those apps and how to manage the data lifecycle, all while ensuring they can utilize a multi- or hybrid cloud environment. Robin Cloud Native Storage helps address each of these new challenges so that developers can be more productive and enterprises can extend the lower TCO benefits of Kubernetes to their most critical applications.

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Native Container-Storage Interface (CSI) Integration

Installs natively:
No need for separate kernel module

Comprehensive data services and security:
Encryption with Key Management integration, Compression, Thin Provisioning, and Auto-tiering of cold data

Enterprise-grade Availability and Resiliency

Peace of mind:
Replication with resync on fall behind, comprehensive checksums, disk and IO error detection, disk and volume rebuilds

High Performance

Ensure stateful apps meet critical performance requirements:
Achieve predictable, baremetal performance through data locality, live re-balancing to avoid hot spots, and granular QoS capabilities