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Simplify and automate delivery of 5G services

Deploy RAN, Core and Edge services in minutes, not weeks

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GigaOm Radar for Data Storage for Kubernetes

Robin Named Leader and Outperformer in 2020 Report

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Run on Robin for a self-service, app-store like experience that enables data- and network-centric application pipelines like big data analytics, NoSQL or 5G to be deployed in minutes, not weeks. Improve developer productivity, reduce operational complexity and improve resource utilization.

The Robin difference

For Enterprise

  • Increased Productivity

    Deploy entire application pipelines in minutes, not weeks.

  • Lower Cost

    Improve performance and utilization through app- and infrastructure-aware platform

  • Always On

    Avoid lock-in with app mobility across on-prem and public cloud

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For 5G

  • Faster Time to Market

    Hyper-automation results in faster roll out of 5G network services

  • Modernize your network

    Transition to cloud-native architecture to simplify and accelerate operations

  • Lower TCO

    Significant CapEx and OpEx savings through HW/SW disaggregation and end-to-end automation

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Robin Platform

Robin is a Kubernetes-based solution that provides “as-a-service” experience for any application, anywhere – on-prem or in the cloud. Robin empowers your Developers, DBAs, and Data Scientists to deploy and manage any application stack or data pipeline in a self-service manner, without creating IT tickets.

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Application Workflow Automation

One-click or API-driven end-to-end automation:
Deploy, scale, heal, upgrade, snapshot, clone, and back up entire application pipelines

Advanced placement (Advanced Scheduler, Observability, Monitoring):
NUMA-aware, CPU pinning, HugePages, multi-tenancy, multi-CRIs (containers, VMs)

App-Aware Storage

Robin’s built-in enterprise-grade storage stack:
Snapshots, clones, QoS, replication, backup, data balancing, tiering, thin-provisioning, encryption, compression

Virtual Networking

Carrier-grade networking:
OVS, Calico, VLAN overlay networking, persistent IPs, multiple NICs, SR-IOV, DPDK, dual-stack IPv4/IPv6