Run Any Enterprise
Application on Kubernetes

ROBIN brings advanced storage and data management that extends the Agility, Efficiency and Portability of Kubernetes to All Stateful Applications, even complex Big Data, Databases, AI/ML and Custom Apps, on Any Infrastructure, On-Premise, Hybrid Cloud or Multi-Cloud

ROBIN extends Kubernetes to stateful applications so that you can…

Deliver on Business Demands Faster

Provide self-service provisioning and management capabilities to developers, data engineers, and data scientists, significantly improving their productivity.

Get more from your investments

Consolidate multiple big data and database workloads without compromising SLAs and QoS, increasing hardware utilization and reducing costs.

Future-proof your Infrastructure

Modernize your data infrastructure using Kubernetes. Bring agility, scale, and multi-cloud portability to your enterprise.

ROBIN powers the data infrastructure of industry-leading businesses

We chose ROBIN because it allowed us to simplify and automate how our analytic pipeline is managed. Our big data infrastructure has been growing dramatically, and we needed a solution that made it easy to manage and scale these applications that was also consistent with our cloud roadmap.

Eric Smith, USAA Chief Data and Analytics Officer


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ROBIN Storage, certified container native block storage on OperatorHub - Advanced Data Management for Stateful Applications on Red Hat OpenShift

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In this tutorial, we will deploy a MySQL database on OpenShift using Helm with a single command, load data in the database, and register the MySQL Helm release as an application with ROBIN Storage.

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The market for cloud native storage is growing at a rapid pace. As enterprises embrace Kubernetes as the preferred container orchestrator and the platform vendors build hybrid cloud offerings based on Kubernetes, the demand for container native storage offerings increases.

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