Hyper-Converged Kubernetes

for Big Data, Databases and AI/ML

Robin in 2 Minutes


Replication, Data rebalancing, Tiering,
Thin-provisioning, Encryption, and Compression

FLEXIBLE NETWORKING - OVS, Calico, VLAN, Overlay networking, and Persistent IPs


Big Data, Databases, and AI/ML

ROBIN solves fundamental Kubernetes challenges
to run stateful complex workloads
in containers and Kubernetes

Use Cases
  • Self-Service App-Store Experience
  • Built-in Storage and Networking
  • Any App, Anywhere

Hyper-Converged Kubernetes platform for faster roll-out of critical IT and business initiatives for big data, databases and AI/ML

Can OpenShift or Mesosphere do this?

Kubernetes was built for microservices and is not designed for stateful big data, database and AI/ML applications. ROBIN extends Kubernetes to these data-heavy applications with built-in storage and networking.

1-click deploy Big Data pipelines including network and storage

1-click app and cluster provisioning including network and storage for data-heavy apps running on Kubernetes

Hyper-Converged Kubernetes White PaperHyper-Converged Kubernetes White Paper

Provide both network and storage persistence in the event of Application Pod failures

Built-in Networking - ROBIN ArchitectureBuilt-in Networking - ROBIN Architecture

Execute 1-click application lifecycle operations for data-heavy apps on Kubernetes - snapshot, clone, patch, upgrade, migrate

Comparative White PaperComparative White Paper

Guarantee SLAs when consolidating, support data locality, affinity, anti-affinity and isolation constraints for your storage?

Built-In Storage - Why ROBINBuilt-In Storage - Why ROBIN


Security events ingested and analyzed a day (DevOps simplicity for Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Kafka)
Case StudyCase Study


Under active management in a single Robin cluster (Agility, consolidation for Cloudera, Impala, Kafka, Druid)
Case StudyCase Study


400 Oracle RAC Databases managed by a single Robin cluster (Self-service environment for Oracle, Oracle RAC)
Case StudyCase Study

ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform

– Application Layer. Kubernetes. Built-in Storage. Built-in Network.
– App-Store experience on-premise and across clouds.
– Any App, anywhere – big data, database and AI/ML.
– Automated deployment and lifecycle management of applications and data.

NoSQL Databases

Cassandra, MongoDB,

big data

Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks,
Spark, ELK, Kafka, MapR

Relational Databases

Oracle, MS SQL,
MySQL, PostgreSQL

We work with some of the biggest Enterprises to deliver ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform