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Method of Procedures (MOPS) Manager

Automation for any application

As Mobile Operators evolve their networks towards 5G, complexity and scale grow exponentially. In these networks, it is common to have tens or even hundreds of thousands of Network Elements (servers, switches, routers, etc) that run different functions and require their own lifecycle management, health management, upgrades and maintenance activities, as well as specific configurations, operating systems and other software components. Trying to perform these tasks manually and at scale is simply impractical. The Robin MOPS Manager enables organizations to perform these highly repetitive tasks extremely fast.  Tedious manual work is reduced from hours to minutes by executing runtime batch jobs and scripts on any infrastructure element: servers, routers, switches, and others.

Robin Delivers:
  • Create repeatable workflows to monitor, heal and scale network services and elements
  • Scales to tens of thousands of network elements, servers, network functions
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for multi-tenant environments
  • Highly extensible to meet the dynamic nature of networks
  • Scalable architecture to run concurrent execution of thousands of MOPS
Robin Benefits:
  • Reduce manual tasks from hours to minutes
  • Intuitive, easy to use Graphical Interface (GUI)
  • Platform linear scalability satisfies demands of big Tier1/Tier2 networks
  • Solution deployed at Tier1 worldwide operators and is field-proven

Automate Your 5G Services Applications on Kubernetes

Today, 5G mobile operators require new software solutions to provision network capacity, automate service delivery, and reduce operating costs. With the Robin solution for 5G, operators can achieve end-to-end automation for the deployment, scaling, and lifecycle management of any data- or network-centric application – all the way from OSS/BSS to core to edge to RAN.