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Author: Partha Seetala, Founder and CTO

I recently co-presented with the Google Cloud Platform team on “Seamless Data Management for Kubernetes” at Google Cloud Next’19. Google Anthos promises to be a cloud-neutral Kubernetes platform, similar to Red Hat OpenShift. Immediately after I finished my talk, I was surrounded by attendees, and quite a few of them were intrigued by whether the...
In the past few years, we have seen the emergence of close to 30 different CNCF certified vendors providing storage for stateful applications running on Kubernetes. With such broad vendor support, one would expect to see several organizations successfully running the most commonly used stateful workloads such as Splunk, ElasticSearch, Postgres, Cloudera, MongoDB, Oracle, etc...
On-Demand Webinar: Cloud-Native Big Data and AI/ML: Emerging Trends and the Road Ahead Featuring Noel Yuhanna, Guest Speaker, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, and Partha Seetala, CTO of

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