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Now, more than ever in the exciting career that I’ve had at the intersection of innovation and adoption at Red Hat and Microsoft, I find the pace of innovation and rate of change the highest. While it’s reinvigorating to see the blazing pace of innovation across cloud computing, Big Data, AI/ML, DevOps etc., removing complexity as a barrier to adoption of these innovative technologies and thereby shrinking the adoption curves assumes paramount importance. Below are my thoughts on how Robin can accelerate your digital transformation and add value by improving IT-business alignment, 1-Click at a time.

Digital transformation i.e. embracing of digital technology in all areas of business and thereby fundamentally changing how an organization delivers value to customers, has been one of the top CIO priorities. Digital transformation initiatives also involve culture change that requires challenging the status quo and experimenting with a focus on enhancing the organizational agility to meet the needs of the rapidly changing competitive environment.

Successful digital transformation initiatives translate into making the IT organization move faster and better serve their clients. From a technology perspective, this involves investments in driving value from hybrid/multi-cloud adoption, democratizing access to data/insights through Big Data & Analytics and embracing agile development & deployment through DevOps etc. Each of these initiatives offers the potential to increase the alignment between business and IT as well as deliver value by driving innovation, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Hybrid/multi-cloud journey at its core has evolved into making a series of workload-specific choices based on business and technical requirements for that workload/use case. This approach of “right place for the right workload” makes up the shape of any given enterprise’s hybrid/multi-cloud adoption footprint. Among the mission-critical enterprise workloads, data/data-intensive workloads as a category has been an ever-increasing area of growth and complexity, entailing increasing spend toward expensive and dedicated management staff. Robin Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform is engineered from the ground up to remove this complexity and to enable self-service 1-click simplicity for delivering data-intensive applications-as-a-service via an App-Store experience.

Big Data initiatives have been key to unlocking value and bringing about a customer-centric data-driven culture in organizations across the globe. However, big data applications are distributed in nature and hence introduce unique complexities and thereby need ever-increasing manpower. Robin Hyper-converged Kubernetes is designed to abstract the user experience from the underlying complexity of these distributed data-intensive applications and offer them a 1-click self-service experience. Robin Hyper-converged Kubernetes platform is an industry-first, production-ready solution that was engineered to meet the needs of data-intensive workloads and is certified by organizations such as CNCF and Hortonworks.

Cloud native application development or microservices-based containerization is all the rage when it comes to application development accompanied by cultural transformation via the adoption of DevOps. State-less containerized applications managed by Kubernetes are increasing in popularity and with a bigger deployment footprint across Global 2000 organizations. While Kubernetes has rapidly matured in the last four years to become the default orchestration engine for stateless workloads, further innovation is needed to extend the power of Kubernetes to Stateful workloads. Architected to bring compute, storage and networking together to meet the needs of stateful apps, Robin Hyper-converged Kubernetes offers a proven solution to extend the power of Kubernetes to address the needs of stateful workloads – something no other solution in the market can compare to today.

Complexity and evolving maturity of open source technologies such as Kubernetes need not stop you from getting real business and technical benefits today. Robin’s Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform is an industry-first when it comes to delivering a production-ready solution that extends the power of Kubernetes to a whole class of data-intensive /stateful applications. Not only does the Robin solution address a problem not yet addressed by competitors but also does so in a way that hides all the complexity from the users. So be it bringing agility to traditional databases such as Oracle, DB2 or modern databases such as Cassandra, NoSQL database etc, or easing deployment & management of Big Data platforms from Hortonworks and Cloudera, look no further. Robin’s HyperConverged Kubernetes Platform is architectured to turbocharge your digital transformation, 1-Click at a time. For more details visit: www.robin.io


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