Application-Defined Data Center – The Next Stop in Data Center Evolution

Application-Defined Data Center: The Next Stop in Data Center Evolution

Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, Cloud Management & Containers, 451 Research and
Sushil Kumar
,CMO, Robin Systems

Building a pure container-based Application-Defined Data Center

Containerizing workloads is the major innovation in today’s data centers driving DevOps cultures, savings, and improved time to market. By abstracting applications from underlying infrastructure, containers can simply application deployment, and enable seamless portability across machines and clouds. Containers can also enable significant cost savings by consolidating multiple applications per machine without compromising performance or predictability. Join 451 Research Analyst, Jay Lyman, and Robin System experts to learn about:

  • Containerization Use Cases, Benefits, and Best Practices
  • Enterprise Container Adoption Trends
  • How to containerize mission critical applications such as databases, Hadoop and Spark?
  • How to deliver predictable application performance and SLA in multi-tenant environments
  • How to deliver predictable IO performance for Docker applications?
  • How to take your software-defined data center journey to the next level – an application-defined data center.

ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform Value

Robin platform software pools your existing commodity hardware into a scalable, elastic, fluid pool of compute and storage resources that can be dynamically allocated to applications based on business needs or QoS requirements. Robin technology enables you to virtualize databases or Big Data without the hypervisor overhead, consolidate workload with guaranteed IOPS and simplify application as well as data lifecycle management.

ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform marshals all your existing commodity hardware resources into a scalable and elastic pool of compute and storage resources for Big Data and databases across the data center.

Product overview – Based on modern container technology and bundled with unique purpose-built container-aware block storage, ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform enables application and data lifecycle management to plan, build and operate large-scale infrastructure. This capability is way more than the limited capability offered by the moving parts of the component-based stack for Big Data and databases in your data center.


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