Achieve Instant ROI with Kubernetes! Deliver Stateful and data-intensive workloads as a cloud-native service today!

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Containers and Kubernetes have become quite the rage given the focus on digital transformation, DevOps agility and cloud-native technologies. Since containers have inherently been Stateless i.e don’t have persistence, the power of Kubernetes has been limited to running the full stack of the Stateless applications across the complete development, deployment and production lifecycle. A recent survey conducted by revealed that 68% of IT Managers responded that significant improvements are needed to run stateful workloads on Kubernetes. Automated application deployment, performance isolation and managing environment/application data consistency production, dev, and test were cited as the top 3 challenges when it comes to running Stateful applications according to the survey respondents.

Given the obvious benefits of extending containers and Kubernetes to Stateful applications i.e. uniform and consistent way to manage the full stack Stateful applications, ‘Statefulset’ has been an area of focus from the Kubernetes community. However, a complete solution for deploying and managing a Stateful application using containers and Kubernetes involves tightly integrating a few critical elements: 1) highly performant storage 2) flexible network stack with persistent IPs 3) application management layer to abstract complexity and enable self-service. ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform is precisely that: a solution engineered to extend containers and Kubernetes to Stateful workloads so that you can deliver on business needs faster, reduce costs and future-proof your enterprise.

ROBIN storage delivers bare-metal performance, the application management layer simplifies deployment & lifecycle management and the ability to control the entire stack from application to storage enables enterprise-grade features such as multi-tenancy with SLA guarantees, access controls, isolation and high availability. Be it relational databases such as Oracle RAC, NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Big Data Platforms such as Cloudera, or Search/Index solutions such as the Elastic Stack, ROBIN automates the deployment and management so that you can deliver an “as-a-Service” experience with 1-Click simplicity to the users.

ROBIN can help you deliver Big Data, Database, AI/ML “as a Service” today! With ROBIN, stateful workloads and data infrastructure can be modernized so that you can drive higher instant ROI driven by data mobility, better dev/test collaboration, agility due to decoupled compute and storage etc. High-performance IT organizations are realizing the benefit of implementing ROBIN at scale to power business-critical data infrastructure with containers and Kubernetes. Examples include:

  • DevOps simplicity for Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Kafka at a Fortune 100 Financial powerhouse. 11 billion security events ingested and analyzed a day.
  • Agility for Cloudera, Impala, Kafka, Druid at a Global Networking leader. 6 Petabytes under active management in a single Robin cluster.
  • Self-service environment for Oracle, Oracle RAC at a Travel & Tourism leader. 400 Oracle RAC databases managed by a single Robin cluster.

Get started today! See how ROBIN can extend the power of containers and Kubernetes to help modernize your Stateful/ Data-Intensive Applications and deliver instant value


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