Robin Hyper-converged Kubernetes Platform achieves Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Certification

Extend the power of Kubernetes via the CNCF certified solution optimized for stateful workloads

We are pleased to announce that Robin Hyper-converged Kubernetes Platform is now certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Designed from the ground up to enable running stateful, data-intensive applications on Kubernetes, Robin Hyper-converged Kubernetes Platform, a production-ready solution that enables deployment and management of any Big Data, Database and AI/ML workloads in minutes, is now CNCF certified.

Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program from the Cloud native Computing Foundation is designed to give users the confidence that their applications will deploy correctly onto a given Kubernetes implementation. The program includes strong guarantees that providers of Kubernetes will continue to release new versions to ensure that customers can take advantage of the rapid pace of ongoing development.

Combining Kubernetes and the principles of HCI creates a turnkey solution for data-heavy workloads. Hyper-converged Kubernetes technology with built-in enterprise-grade container storage and flexible overlay networking extend Kubernetes’ multi-cloud portability to big data, databases, and AI/ML. Read Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Whitepaper. Users can be confident that their suite of applications will deploy correctly onto the CNCF certified ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes implementation.

A very common and recurrent customer usage scenario is deploying Robin Hyperconverged Platform for stateful workloads such as databases, big data and AI/ML while leveraging other PaaS-centric Kubernetes offerings such as Red Hat OpenShift for stateless workloads. The CNCF certification provides the guarantee that, Robin Hyperconverged Platform provides complete Kubernetes API functions as specified, so users can rely on a seamless, stable experience.

We are excited about delivering a CNCF certified Kubernetes solution that is optimized for stateful workloads and look forward to helping customers accelerate their infrastructure modernization journey and bring in the agility and efficiency benefits of embracing containers to modernize the data infrastructure.


Author Radhesh Menon, CMO

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