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Enterprise-grade Storage and Data Management For Kubernetes

Robin Cloud Native Storage brings high performance storage and advanced data management capabilities to Kubernetes. Get our industry leading storage solution today, and see why enterprises rely on Robin to run mission critical stateful applications on Kubernetes.

Get started quickly. No fees. No commitments.

Free For Life

All Features Included

No features disabled

Free Lifetime Subscription

Up to 5 Nodes and 5TB

Community Support

You Don't Need to Compromise

Both Robin Express and Robin Enterprise come with all of the features of Robin Cloud Native Storage. So you don’t need to compromise on capability. You just need to determine how much scale you will need in your environment.

Any Kubernetes. Any cloud/on-prem
Max nodes
5 Nodes
Max storage
5 TB
Max volumes
Community Support and Step by Step Tutorials
24 x 7 x 365 Enterprise Support

Storage Management

Application-aware storage
Bare-metal performance
Data security (encryption)
Data optimization (compression)
Data locality (compute-storage affinity)
Live data rebalancing to avoid hotspots
Live data rebalancing to avoid hotspots
IOPS limits at application level
Disk and IO error detection
Disk and volume rebuilds
High availability with in-sync replication
Automatic resync of replicas on fall-behind
Volume consistency groups

Data Management

Application-consistent (data+metadata+config) snapshots
Redirect-on-write snapshots for cost efficiency
App quiescing before snapshots
Auto-scheduled snapshots
Local backups to recover from system/cluster failures
Cloud backups to recover from system, cluster, or datacenter failures
Central backup repository across multiple clusters
Forever incremental backups for cost efficiency
Application cloning for collaboration
Thin cloning for cost efficiency
Disaster recovery to recover from datacenter failures

Multi-cloud Portability

Application-consistent (data+metadata+config) migration
Central repository across clouds for backups
Single command to import and recreate applications
Data hydration option for quick loading of applications
Secured access to backups