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Container-based application-defined infrastructure provider Robin Systems’ cloud platform is certified to run on the containerized Hortonworks data platform.

News | 04.06.2018 | 3 min read

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Robin HAS EARNED THE HDP CERTIFIED READY BADGE The Hortonworks Product Integration Certification Program reviews and certifies technologies for architectural best practices, validates partner technologies against a comprehensive suite of integration test cases, benchmarks for scale under varied workloads and comprehensively documented.

QATS (Quality Assured Testing Suite) Partner

Container-based infrastructure provider Robin Systems’ cloud platform is certified to run on the containerized Hortonworks data platform.

“We are thrilled to partner with Hortonworks as it enables Robin to bring its DevOPS like agility, data management innovations, and storage acceleration to Hortonworks deployments, thereby accelerating the adoption of Hadoop by mainstream enterprises.” Premal Buch, CEO Robin Systems.

Robin is the next-generation application virtualization platform designed to run big data applications and databases with baremetal performance, guaranteed QoS, and application-aware infrastructure management. Based on modern container technology and bundled with unique purpose-built container-aware scale out block storage, Robin enables single click application lifecycle management on even the most complex data intensive applications. The platform marshals all your existing commodity hardware resources into a scalable and elastic pool of compute and storage resources. With Robin, you can define application needs once, deploy in minutes, guarantee performance and manage application as well as the data lifecycle.

Container-based infrastructure

Application and Data Lifecycle Management Robin next-gen Cloud Platform simplifies the application lifecycle management process across Big Data environments, enables elastic scaling of resources, brings bare metal performance, facilitates assured app-tospindle QoS and is able to anticipate and adjust to volatility in the application environment Lower Costs across the Data Pipeline Robin Platform uses all commodity hardware components to provide a high level of elasticity, scalability, control and cost efficiency. With shorter time-to-market, and the boost in developer productivity, Robin enables 50% better hardware utilization, 40% lower IT OPS costs, and 50% lower software support cost. Simplified Operations With features that enable deployment of applications and clusters in minutes, instant snapshots, cloning of running apps, recovery of lost data quickly with app time-travel, shorter application development and change cycles, setting min and max IOPS, elimination of noisy neighbor issues & hypervisor performance penalty, Robin Platform simplifies operations across the data pipeline.

Robin Systems Partner Hortonworks

Robin INTEGRATION WITH HDP ● Single-click cluster provisioning that deploys complex distributed applications in minutes ● Scale-up or scale-out instantaneously to meet application performance demands ● Eliminate cluster sprawl with virtual application clusters on shared hardware ● Enable multi-tenancy with performance isolation and dynamic performance controls ● Leverage dynamic QoS controls for every resource – CPU, memory, network and storage

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