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Robin Systems announces PDF Solutions selects Robin Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform for its IC design and manufacturing Big Data Analytics Platform

News | 02.27.2018 | 4 min read

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Robin Systems announces PDF Solutions selects Robin Platform for its IC design and manufacturing Big Data Analytics Platform

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Robin Systems, the only container-based Application-Defined Infrastructure (ADI) software provider, today announced that it has added PDF Solutions (PDFS) to its growing customer base. Robin Platform was the only container solution that could support all complex Big-Data pipelines and components as Spark, Cassandra as well as Oracle – all key components for PDF Solution’s analytics platform. Robin Cloud Platform will allow PDF solutions to replace manual workflows with an automated 1-click setup that enables higher productivity.

“Many customers implementing Big Data Pipelines like PDF Solutions find that these are not easily “containerized” since they have many complex cross-wired services with tight interdependencies that do not follow the classic Docker micro-service philosophy,” said Premal Buch, CEO of Robin Systems.
“PDF Solutions has picked Robin because we have implemented unique features in the networking, application fabric and storage layers that not only provide for a coherent solution, but also significantly simplify lifecycle management (deploy, manage, consolidate) – enabling the widest support for Enterprise Data Applications in the market today.”

Robin Platform is a container-based pure software solution that sits between the application and the infrastructure and enables 1-click application workflows for the user by letting the applications auto-configure storage, compute and networking across on-premise and cloud-based environments. It has REST APIs and hooks to interface with the rest of the ecosystem and requires no changes to the applications.

Enterprise applications designed for a specific on-premise or a specific cloud deployment can be hard to port since there is a strong dependency between application workflows and infrastructure. Compute, network and storage APIs vary dramatically across on-premise and infrastructure stacks of various clouds. Robin’s application aware compute, network and storage layers decouple applications and infrastructure so that the applications can be easily moved around and the infrastructure can be anywhere – on-premises or in the cloud. Robin lets you 1-Click extend or migrate entire application clusters across these boundaries, for any app – modern or legacy applications.

Robin also offers a free and full-featured Community Edition (CE) of its Cloud Platform for Big-Data, NoSQL & Enterprise Databases. You can simply download your free copy with up to 5 nodes.


PDF Solutions enables customers to reduce the time to market of integrated circuits (“ICs”), lower the cost of IC design and manufacturing and improve both quality and profitability. The Company has developed proprietary hardware and software and provides services that target the entire systems value chain, which is a term we use that means the activities from technology development and the design of a semiconductor product through volume manufacturing of devices and subsequent system assembly and test.

PDF Solutions’ products and services consist of proprietary test structures and electrical test systems, physical intellectual property, enterprise platform software and professional services. The Company’s Characterization Vehicle®(CV®) electrical test chip infrastructure provides core modeling capabilities and is used by more leading manufacturers than any other test chips in the industry. The Design-for-Inspection™ solution includes the proprietary eProbe® e-beam tool and extends the Company’s electrical characterization technologies into the e-beam measurement of extremely dense test structures, or DFI™ cells, across an entire fabrication process. Proprietary Template™ layout patterns for standard cell libraries optimize area, performance, and manufacturability for designing IC products. The Exensio® platform for big data unlocks relevant, actionable information buried in wafer fabrication, process control and test data through key components: Exensio® –Yield, Exensio® –Control, Exensio® –Test, Exensio® –ALPS, and Exensio® –Char. The Exensio® platform is available either on-premise or via software as a service (SaaS).

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., PDF Solutions operates worldwide with additional offices in Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. PDF Solutions is listed on The NASDAQ National Market under the ticker symbol PDFS. For the Company’s latest news and information, visit

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