Build an Agile and Elastic Big Data Pipeline with ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform

Big Data Pipeline – To stay competitive in today’s global economy, organizations need to harness data from multiple sources, extract information and then make real-time decisions. Depending on the industry and the organization, Big Data encompasses information from multiple internal and external sources. Capturing, integrating and preparing this data for downstream analysis is often time-consuming and presents a big challenge.

Today, organizations are struggling to cobble together different open source software to build an effective data pipeline that can withstand the volume as well as the speed of data ingestion and analysis. Robin relieves customers from the pains of building and maintaining a data pipeline and helps enterprises to make the most of Big Data.

In this webinar, we will focus on how Robin’s containerization platform can be used to:

  • Build an agile and elastic data pipeline
  • Deploy, scale, and manage the most complex big data applications with just a single click of a button
  • Deal with variety, velocity, and volume of enterprise Big Data

Build an Agile and Elastic Big Data Pipleline – pdf

Robin for Big Data

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Agile Provisioning

  • Simplify cluster deployment using application-aware fabric controller—provision an entire operational data pipeline within minutes
  • Deploy container-based “virtual clusters” running across commodity servers
  • Automate tasks – create, schedule and operate virtual application clusters
  • Scale-up or scale-out instantaneously to meet application performance demands

Robin’s application-aware manager simplifies deployment and lifecycle management using container-based “virtual clusters.” Each cluster node is deployed within a container. The collection of containers running across servers makes the “virtual cluster.” This allows Robin to automate all tasks pertaining to the creation, scheduling, and operation of these virtual application clusters, to the extent that an entire data pipeline can be provisioned or cloned with a single click and minimal upfront planning or configuration.

It is necessary to scale up or out as demand for resources spikes and then comes back to normal. Robin enables you to scale up with a single click by allocating more resources to the application. Robin enables you to scale out easily when you need to add nodes and helps you clone parts of your data when you need give data to developers and analysts for analytics, test upgrades, testing changes or for integration testing.

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