Modernize Your Data Infrastructure


Digital transformation initiatives are enabling DevOps for IT to move faster and serve business needs better. Cloud-native technologies such as Docker/Kubernetes and DevOps methodologies are bringing agility to the development of stateless applications. ROBIN now brings the same agility to your data infrastructure by extending Kubernetes to deliver Big Data, Database and AI/ML as a service so that you can deliver on business demands faster, reduce costs, and future-proof the enterprise.

ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform addresses the fundamental challenges for data-heavy applications by combining Kubernetes with built-in storage, flexible networking, and an application management layer to deliver a production-ready solution. ROBIN storage delivers bare-metal performance, the application management layer simplifies deployment & lifecycle management and the ability to control the entire stack from application to storage enables enterprise-grade features such as multi-tenancy with SLA guarantees, access controls, isolation, and high availability.

Be it relational databases such as Oracle RAC, NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Big Data Platforms such as Cloudera, or Search/Index solutions such as the Elastic Stack, ROBIN automates the deployment and management so that you can deliver an “as-a-Service” experience with 1-Click simplicity to the users.

ROBIN Delivering Business Results

High-performance IT organizations are realizing the benefit of implementing ROBIN at scale to power business-critical data infrastructure. Examples include:

DevOps simplicity for Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Kafka at a Fortune 100 Financial powerhouse. 11 billion security events ingested and analyzed a day at a Fortune 100 Financial Services company.

Agility for Cloudera, Impala, Kafka, Druid at a Global Networking leader. 6 Petabytes under active management in a single Robin cluster.

Self-service environment for Oracle, Oracle RAC at a Travel & Tourism leader. 400 Oracle RAC databases managed by a single Robin cluster.

“We chose ROBIN because it allowed us to simplify and automate how the data pipeline is managed”

– Eric Smith, Chief Data Analytics Officer, USAA

Key Benefits and Business Impact

Deliver on-Demand Business Faster

Self-service Experience

ROBIN provides self-service provisioning and management capabilities to developers, data engineers, and data scientists, significantly improving their productivity. It saves valuable time at each stage of the application lifecycle. As a result, DevOps teams are successful in taking new applications and/or features to market faster.

Enhanced DevOps Collaboration

To deliver new products/features in record time, it is important that Dev, QA, and Operations environments are always in sync. ROBIN provides 1-click cloning of Dev/Test/Prod environments, boosting DevOps collaboration to accelerate time-to-market for new products and features.

On-demand Scaling

DevOps and IT teams can start with small deployments, and as applications grow, they can add more resources. ROBIN runs on commodity hardware, making it easy to scale-out by adding commodity servers to existing deployments. This is in contrast to traditional IT infrastructure where scaling can be time-consuming due to the requirement of specialized hardware, licensing issues with multiple vendors etc.

Reduce Costs

Improved Hardware Utilization

ROBIN consolidates multiple big data and database workloads without compromising SLAs and QoS, increasing hardware utilization.

Guaranteed QoS and SLAs

ROBIN provides a mechanism to set minimum and maximum IOPs for applications running on shared infrastructure. As a result, organizations can now enjoy the cost savings through workload consolidation, without compromising SLAs.

Simplified Lifecycle Operations

Native integration between Kubernetes, storage, network, and application management layer enables 1-click operations to scale, snapshot, clone, backup, migrate applications. Simplified operations allow DevOps teams to be more productive and reduce administrative cost of your data infrastructure.

Future-proof your Enterprise

Cloud-Native and Cloud Ready

ROBIN modernizes your data infrastructure using cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker. Cloud-native architecture brings agility, effortless scaling, and the ability to migrate to the cloud of your choice.

Multi-Cloud Portability

The ROBIN Hyper-converged Kubernetes platform brings multi-cloud portability to the enterprise. You can transfer workloads among on-prem, private clouds, and public clouds with ease.

No Vendor Lock-in

Kubernetes-based architecture gives you complete control of your infrastructure. With the freedom to move your workloads across private and public clouds, you avoid vendor lock-in.

ROBIN Hyperconverged Kubernetes Platform Overview - Business benefits for Modern data infrastructureROBIN Hyperconverged Kubernetes Platform Overview - Business benefits for Modern data infrastructure