Robin Oracle Demo Video – ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform for Oracle

Guaranteed Performance

  • Set QoS policies across compute, network, and storage
  • Achieve complete performance isolation for databases and eliminate noisy neighbor issues
  • Relocate databases dynamically to meet SLAs
  • Achieve auto, fast-failover for databases while retaining the same volumes and IP addresses

Robin Oracle unique Quality-of-Service Guarantee® ensures multi-tenant harmony and complete performance isolation for each application. Simple IOPS control built into the UI provides Exadata-like IORM capability on top of commodity hardware. Robin can also identify IO requests from cloned relational databases and can prioritize the production IO over the IO from a cloned system.

  • 1-click provisioning of single-instance or RAC configurations in minutes
  • Support for both file system and ASM storage
  • Build your own preferred database image

Robin Oracle extensible orchestration framework makes provisioning of applications really easy. Unlike traditional deployment where each component of the application is provisioned separately and then wired to work together, Robin Cluster Manager allows you to define the structure of the entire application in a single manifest file with all configuration details.

Whether it is a single-node configuration running on an ext4 filesystem or a complex multi-node RAC setup running on ASM, it can be deployed on Robin with a single click of a button.

  • Take unlimited snapshots
  • Make rapid clones of the entire application, thick, thin, or deferred—with no performance penalties
  • Support for both file system and ASM storage sources
  • Avoid working on stale data – get production copy without any down-time

Traditionally cloning has been a big pain point for Oracle enterprise applications where the database is often cloned separately and then rewired with a copy of the application server. Cloning also requires the source data to be in a consistent state which is ensured by taking an application outage every month or at quarter end.  Robin Oracle liberates IT from these downtimes and enables Live Clone of the entire application with a click of a button.

Time Travel for Entire Application

  • Take unlimited application or database snapshots
  • Restore or refresh database to any point-in-time
  • Get out-of-the-box support for application time travel

Application snapshots at certain intervals can be really useful to restore back the entire application if anything goes wrong. Robin Oracle recommends taking snapshots before applying a database patch or making a configuration change make sure to have a snapshot first. If anything goes wrong the application can be restored to the last known snapshot in a matter of minutes.

Robin for Relational Databases

Robin for Oracle