The Need For Data Management

Stateful applications such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Elastic Stack, Kafka, and MariaDB
require advanced data management capabilities in order to:

  • Release products on schedule: Automated lifecycle management for app+data (not just the
    storage) is required to save valuable time at each stage of the lifecycle. Multiple teams (Dev/
    Test/Ops) need a mechanism to collaborate without procedural delays.
  • Recover from system failures: App+data protection capabilities such as point-in-time
    snapshots, backup, and restore are required to recover from system failures and user errors.
  • Avoid infrastructure lock-in: The ability to migrate from on-prem to cloud and vice versa, and
    among the public clouds is needed to avoid infrastructure lock-in.
  • Deliver predictable performance: To guarantee QoS and to ensure high priority applications
    do not miss SLAs, you need the ability to set IOPS limits per app.
  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities: Enterprise-grade security is required with authentication and
    encryption to ensure your data is safe.

ROBIN Storage – Advanced Data Management for

ROBIN Storage is a purpose-built container-native storage solution that brings advanced data management capabilities to Kubernetes. It provides automated provisioning, point-in-time snapshots, backup and recovery, application cloning, QoS guarantee, and multi-cloud migration for stateful applications on Kubernetes.

ROBIN Storage for GKE | Advanced Data Management on Kubernetes - Run stateful applications PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Elastic Stack, Kafka, & MariaDBROBIN Storage for Kubernetes – GKE

ROBIN Storage for GKE Solution Brief