As part of digital transformation initiatives, organizations across the globe are increasingly adopting containers and Kubernetes has emerged as the leading orchestration platform.

However, running mission-critical enterprise workloads that are Stateful on Kubernetes is still complex and challenging. Stateful applications such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Elastic Stack, Kafka, and MariaDB require advanced data management capabilities in order to Recover from system failures, collaborate effectively across DevOps teams, and deliver hybrid and multi-cloud flexibility.

Introducing ROBIN Storage, the cloud-native storage with advanced data management that enables Stateful workloads on Kubernetes.

Born out of the partnership between Google and that entails

  • Engineering to engineering collaboration to design standardized APIs for running data-centric workloads in Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • And ROBIN Storage, as the preferred storage for enterprise workloads in GKE.

ROBIN Storage is a CSI-compliant block storage solution with bare-metal performance and powerful data management capabilities which are exposed through standard APIs that seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes-native toolings such as Kubectl, Helm Charts and Operator framework.

It provides automated provisioning, point-in-time snapshots, backup and recovery, Enterprise-grade data security, application cloning, QoS guarantee, and multi-cloud migration for stateful applications on Kubernetes.

ROBIN Storage enables powerful hybrid cloud use cases such as cloning a snapshot and rehydrating in multiple Google Cloud Platform availability zones. ROBIN Storage also offers flexibility to leverage existing investments in storage infrastructure like DAS/NAS/SAN from leading vendors and also offers a single plane for advanced data management capabilities across hybrid cloud implementations.

Protect app+data with replication, snapshots, backup & recovery, and enterprise-grade security and get Hybrid & Multi-cloud portability with ROBIN Storage today!

ROBIN Storage for GKE Solution Brief