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Robin Use Cases

Any Enterprise Application as-a-Service

Scenario One: Application Time-travel on Kubernetes


Life with Kubernetes is wonderful. Then you realize you made a mistake and deleted important application data. You wish you could go back in time. Once you have Robin, you can.

Robin to the Rescue

Without Robin, you may not be able to recover from your mistake. If you are using third-party storage solutions, you hope they provide storage-level snapshots. If you are lucky, they might, but you are left to figure out how to restore the application state using storage-level snapshots.

With Robin, you can create a snapshot of your entire application’s state, not just data, with one-click. Robin uses the redirect-on-write method, which means snapshots are created within sub-seconds and they don’t eat into your storage capacity.

Snapshots for App time-travel

Snapshots allow you to restore your applications’ state to a point-in-time. So if you make a mistake, you can simply undo it by restoring a snapshot. With Robin, you can seamlessly travel between different application states (backward and forward), even if the application’s topology and configuration have changed over time. With Robin’s application time-travel, your developers are free to run what-if analyses quickly and collaborate freely with other teams with the push of a button.