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How Google’s New Hybrid-Cloud Strategy Advancements Impact Stateful Workloads: Why IT and DevOps Teams Should Care

Who Should View Anthos Webinar –

– DevOps
– IT Managers
– Storage Managers
– Container Specialists

Robin Storage for Kubernetes

Robin Storage

Robin Storage for GKE

Anthos Webinar | Google Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Stateful Workloads | On-Demand Anthos Robin Storage Webinar

Attendees will –

  • Better understand the state of the technology, and what container native storage solutions bring to modern IT.
  • Understand Google Hybrid and multi-cloud strategy and explore new solutions that have just been announced, that may change the game in how you build, deploy, and operate containers.
  • Learn how to hide complexity, while providing and maintaining richness of capability.
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This free 1-hour on-demand webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in cloud computing, storage, containers, and hybrid cloud to discuss how Google’s recent hybrid-cloud strategy Anthos announcement at Google Next ’19 changes production outlook for your IT and DevOps teams.

Featuring GigaOm Analyst, David Linthicum and a special guest from, Radhesh Menon, this webinar explores Google’s Hybrid-Cloud strategy Cloud’s Anthos announced at Google Next, and how that technology can change your outlook on both development and ability to modernize Stateful applications.

Storage for stateful containerized applications is a fundamental building block of applications on hybrid clouds, leveraging containers, container orchestration, and other parts of that emerging ecosystem. While the focus for container-based applications has been stateless, the ability to maintain state both within and between containerized applications has been a core requirement that DevOps and IT. View this webinar to take the mystery out of running stateful applications in containers and managing using Kubernetes with Google Cloud can enable hybrid- and multi-cloud strategy through its new solution, Anthos.

Who Should View:

  • DevOps
  • IT Managers
  • Storage Managers
  • Container Specialists


David Linthicum is a CTO and internationally renowned thought leader in cloud computing. David has spent the last 25 years leading, showing, and teaching large global enterprise organizations across all industries how to use technology resources more productively and constantly innovate.

David has been a CTO five times for both public and private companies, and a CEO two times in the last 25 years. David has published 13 books on computing and his thought leadership has appeared in Wall Street Journal, NPR, Forbes, InfoWorld and He has expanded the vision of both startups and established corporations as to what is possible and achievable.

All of David’s opinions are his own.

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