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White Paper - Deploy, Manage, Consolidate NoSQL Apps with Robin Hyperconverged Kubernetes Platform

NoSQL White Paper

NoSQL database applications like Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, ScyllaDB, and others are popular tools used in a modern application stack. However, deploying NoSQL databases typically starts with weeks of careful infrastructure planning to ensure good performance, ability to scale to meet anticipated growth and continued fault tolerance and high availability of the service. Post-deployment, the rigidity of the infrastructure also poses operational challenges in adjusting resources to meet changing needs, patching, upgrades, backup and the ability to snapshot and clone the database to create test and dev copies.

Robin hyper-converged Kubernetes platform takes an innovative new approach where application lifecycle workflows are natively embedded into a tightly converged storage, network, and Kubernetes stack; enabling 1-click self-service experience for both deployment and lifecycle management of Big data, Database and AI/ML applications. Enterprises using Robin will gain simpler and faster roll-out of critical IT and LoB initiatives, such as containerization, cloud-migration, cost-consolidation, and developer productivity.

This complimentary NoSQL white paper shows how to bring 1-click simplicity to deploy, snapshot, clone, patch, upgrade, backup, restore, and control QoS of any Kubernetes-based NoSQL App :

  • Deploy, manage, and consolidate any NoSQL App in your environment
  • Self-service deployment of NoSQL Apps with 1-click
  • Infrastructure consolidation and cost savings