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Postgres Deploy, Snapshot, and Rollback - Robin Storage

Postgres – Robin Storage PostgreSQL Demo

Snapshots allow you to restore your application’s state to a point-in-time. If you make a mistake, such as unintentionally deleting important data, you can simply undo it by restoring a snapshot. In this demo, we will:

  • Deploy a Postgres database on Kubernetes using Helm and Robin Storage
  • Register our Postgres database with Robin as an “app”
  • Incrementally add data to our database and take snapshots
  • Simulate a user error or database fault by deleting some data
  • Recover the lost data using snapshot with Robin Rollback feature

We will see how we can roll back an entire PostgreSQL database, including all Kubernetes resources such as Pods, StatefulSets, ConfigMaps, PersistentVolumeClaims, etc. with a single command.