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Telco Services with Kubernetes - ROBIN Solution Brief

Cloud-Native Software-Defined Orchestration for Telco Service Delivery delivers hyper-automation for service delivery with 1-click application pipeline deployment, much lower infrastructure and operations cost, and facilitates a hybrid cloud strategy for all Telco applications.


Define & deploy applications stack or data pipeline as a bundle on Kubernetes on-prem or in the cloud

Enable self-service provisioning and management capabilities for the entire stack

Accelerate & enhance Dev/Test collaboration with application-aware cloning 

Monitor the health of infrastructure, containers, and the entire application stacks

Dynamically scale-up/scale-out in minutes, without interrupting application operations

Consolidate multiple Databases like Oracle RAC clusters to reduce hardware and licensing cost

Migrate your customized and legacy application stacks to Telco cloud without refactoring

Protect your critical application stack with application aware snapshots and backup

Digital Transformation Demands Fast-paced Innovation

Operators need to be able to add intelligence, quickly adapt the software for different services and automate to rapidly scale the network with the most efficient utilization of the hardware. At the same time, these networks must be robust & resilient.

The ROBIN Telco Platform includes an application-aware automation fabric with
built-in application-aware high-performance Storage, ultra-high-speed networking and Data Management features to support the demands of the new applications for IoT and Wireless providers.

Multiple ROBIN innovations for Telco

Compute – NUMA awareness, improved performance, higher IO performance, workload isolation

Network Data Path – Multiple network interfaces, high performance and speed networking, persistent IP addresses, dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6, improved utilization, lower cost

Data Services – Deployment of any complex database, big data, time series, message queue service in minutes, policy-based auto-scaling, snapshot, backup, clone, containers and VMs on same Kubernetes platform, define and deploy end-to-end Telco stack from RAN and Core to OSS on containers

Advanced Placement and Resiliency – Advanced affinity, anti-affinity, data locality, tenant isolation, auto healing, rapid failover and data resiliency

Automation – Simplified provisioning and management, life-cycle management with always on availability, workflow upgrade, deployment of complex distributed app pipeline in minutes, pre/post workflow hooks for extensibility

Visibility – Cluster-wide events, health metrics, service mesh, observability framework

ROBIN Platform Enables “As-a-Service” Experience

ROBIN is a Software Platform for Automating Deployment, Scaling and Life Cycle Management of Enterprise Applications on Kubernetes. ROBIN automates the provisioning and day-2 operations so that you can deliver Telco stack and the associated services with 1-click deployment simplicity and enable hyper-automation and operational efficiency for hundreds of software components from any provider.

Telco Solution Brief

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