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Robin Cloud Native Storage for OpenShift

Enterprise-grade, application aware data management for OpenShift on any cloud

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Deploy and Manage Complex Stateful Applications on OpenShift

Robin Cloud Native Storage (CNS) brings advanced data management capabilities to OpenShift. It is a Red Hat certified Operator that provides a block storage solution with bare-metal performance. Robin CNS seamlessly integrates with OpenShift through Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM).

Running Robin CNS on OpenShift

Developers and DevOps teams can add Robin CNS right from the OpenShift console. Robin Cloud Native Storage helps simplify data management operations such as backup/recovery, snapshots/rollback, and cloning of entire applications (data+metadata+config), providing enterprise-grade data protection. Robin also ensures stateful application portability across OpenShift running on any cloud.

Get Robin on Red Hat Marketplace

Stateful Applications on OpenShift Need a Cloud Native Storage Stack

OpenShift Native

Native OpenShift Integration

Robin Cloud Native Storage is a certified OpenShift operator and installs directly from OpenShift console. You can provision and manage stateful applications using oc, Helm, and Operator frameworks.

RedHat Marketplace

Available on Red Hat Marketplace

Robin is available for purchase on the Red Hat Marketplace. Pay only for what you use with our consumption based pricing. Try before buying with a 1-month free trial.

Application Aware

Application Aware High Performance Storage

Robin CNS is application-aware and provides bare-metal performance. All lifecycle operations are performed in the context of the entire application (data+metadata+configuration), not just the storage volumes.

Data Protection

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Protect entire applications (data+metadata+config) with snapshots and backups. Recover from user mistakes with point-in-time snapshots. For full recovery from application crashes or disaster recovery, Robin provides cloud backups.

Copy Data Management

Application Cloning for Fast Collaboration

You can collaborate across geos and teams by cloning entire application environments (data+metadata+config) in minutes. This helps free up valuable time across your Dev and QA teams by making them more productive.

Multi-cloud Portability

Hybrid and Multi-cloud Flexibility

Easily move complex stateful between OpenShift on-prem and on public clouds. Moving entire apps across clouds is completely automated by Robin through running a single command.

Why Robin Cloud Native Storage

Increase Productivity

  • Automate application management
  • Collaborate faster across teams
  • Use familiar Kubernetes-native frameworks

Always On

  • Data protection for app+data
  • Point-in-time snapshots and backup
  • Cross datacenter disaster recovery

Freedom of Choice

  • Avoid cloud vendor lock-in
  • Common workflows across any cloud
  • Run apps anywhere with confidence