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Bring Stateful Apps to OpenShift

Red Hat Openshift certified Operator for ROBIN Storage, available on Operator Hub, brings advanced data management capabilities to OpenShift for stateful applications

Extend OpenShift to run any enterprise application

Use Robin Storage to manage Application + Data as a single entity on OpenShift. With ROBIN Storage available on the Operator Hub as a storage class, any stateful application can gain the data management capabilities required for effective life cycle management. We bring advanced data management to Kubernetes-native frameworks including HELM and Operators.

Use Kubernetes-native frameworks including Operators

Quickly and easily deploy/manage enterprise workloads on OpenShift. ROBIN Storage is application-aware, i.e. all lifecycle operations are performed in the context of the app+data, not just the storage volumes.

You can provision and manage stateful applications on OpenShift using Kubectl, HELM, and Operator frameworks. For any lifecycle operation – such as snapshot or clone of an application provisioned using Operators, ROBIN Storage includes the data as well as the application configuration and the application metadata.

ROBIN Storage for OpenShift Resources Announces Partnership with OpenShift

Technology Collaboration with Red Hat to bring Advanced Data Management to Power Stateful Enterprise Applications.


ROBIN Storage - Advanced Data Management for OpenShift
Use the ROBIN Storage to run mission-critical stateful applications on your Kubernetes.


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