Deliver Database-as-a-service

Modernize your database infrastructure using Kubernetes for Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, and other databases. Improve the agility and efficiency of your Developers, DBAs, and BI teams.

Managed Service Experience for Your Databases, Powered by ROBIN

ROBIN Hyper-converged Kubernetes platform extends Kubernetes with built-in storage, networking, and application management to deliver a production-ready solution for database management. ROBIN automates the provisioning and management of databases so that you can deliver an “as-a-service” experience with 1-click simplicity to data engineers, data scientists, and developers.

ROBIN Modernizes Your Database Infrastructure

Self-service experience

Self-service provisioning and management capabilities for developers, DBAs, and BI teams, significantly improves productivity.

Agile Dev/Test refreshes

You can clone databases with 1-click and share among Dev, QA, and Ops teams. Self-service Dev/Test refresh from a production database only takes a few minutes.

Reduce hardware and licensing costs

Container technology provides better performance/CPU, eliminating the VM performance penalty. The ability to scale as you need also means you don’t overprovision CPUs.

Scale on-demand

No need to create IT tickets to scale-up Database Servers by adding more memory, CPU, or Storage, or to sale-out by adding more nodes to MongoDB or Oracle RAC.

Provision databases in minutes

ROBIN has automated the end-to-end database provisioning process for the Oracle (including Oracle RAC), MongoDB, Cassandra, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and other databases. The entire provisioning process is a 1-click operation and takes only a few minutes.

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Bring DevOps agility to databases

Your Dev, Test, and Ops teams can collaborate better using database cloning. Create exact replicas of your Dev/Test/Production environment with 1-click operation. ROBIN automates the entire process and provisions the clones within minutes. Moreover, the ROBIN’s copy-on-write cloning method significantly reduces storage requirements.

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Significantly lower TCO for databases

ROBIN provides performance isolation with min/max IOPS control for guaranteed QoS, and role-based access controls (RBAC) to consolidate multiple Oracle workloads without compromising SLAs, reducing hardware cost. Also, better performance/CPU and the ability to scale as you need also means you don’t overprovision CPUs. As a result, you reduce database licensing costs.

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Don't overprovision, scale as you need

Running databases on ROBIN Hyperconverged Kubernetes gives you the flexibility to add more CPUs/RAM/storage on the fly, without any downtime. Developers and DBAs can scale-up by adding more compute resources, or scale-out by adding more nodes with simple 1-click operations.

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