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Bare Metal-as-a-Service

One-click deployment for infrastructure at scale, anywhere

Within complex telecommunications networks, thousands of servers in edge networks process the cellular call and data traffic. These edge data center servers provide connectivity to both the regional data center and to the radio heads. Provisioning these servers has plagued Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with several issues, such as requiring dedicated DHCP resources for each edge network rack and lack of scale when needing to install operating system software on thousands of servers. MNOs waste a huge amount of resources, investment and time attempting to provision these critical components of their network. Robin solves these issues by providing a Bare Metal-as-a-Service capability that can automate provisioning and upgrades to hundreds of thousands of bare metal servers at scale.

Robin Delivers:
  • Scalable automation of OS installation and upgrade for hundreds of thousands of bare metal servers
  • Automate highly-available Kubernetes clusters on bare metal and public cloud
  • Program and configure FPGA for FlexRAN-based RAN software
  • Maintain all systems with latest updates
  • Multiple protocols to support variety of elements: servers, appliances, switches, and others
Robin Benefits:
  • Multi-vendor support for hardware configuration and LCM
  • Reduced time to market for deployment and Day 2 operations
  • Operational savings in time and resources
  • Eliminates DHCP and management controller/servers
  • Automation at scale with multi-threaded workflows
  • Observability, monitoring and policy management at each step of the workflows

Automate Your 5G Services Applications on Kubernetes

Today, 5G mobile operators require new software solutions to provision network capacity, automate service delivery, and reduce operating costs. With the Robin solution for 5G, operators can achieve end-to-end automation for the deployment, scaling, and lifecycle management of any data- or network-centric application – all the way from OSS/BSS to core to edge to RAN.