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End-to-End 4G and 5G RAN deployment automation

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Mobile Network Operators (MNO) are faced with several challenges when modernizing and growing their networks, and need to make continuous investments in order to introduce new technologies, like 5G. Among these investments, the Radio Access Network (RAN) is usually the highest expense, given its scale: 10,000 to over 100,000 sites for medium to large networks. Emerging technologies like Open RAN promise a better Total Cost of Ownership for such investments, but embracing these new technologies pose a challenge to the MNO. They cannot afford to add more personnel to cope with the sheer network growth. Robin helps solve this dilemma by providing a RAN-as-a-Service capability through its automation and orchestration solution tailored to next-gen RAN deployments. Robin has successfully deployed this technology at Tier1 operators for their 4G and 5G RAN networks, resulting in dramatic reductions in CapEx and OpEx, extremely faster time-to-market and simplified operations.

Robin Delivers:
  • End-to-End 4G and 5G RAN deployment automation
  • Zero-touch monitoring and auto-healing
  • Scalable automation of upgrades to tens of thousands of gNodeB and eNodeBs
  • Multi-vendor RAN DU/CU software support
  • Centralized orchestration of tens of thousands of cell-sites and base-band units
  • Integration with existing OSS/BSS, mediation and other elements via APIs
  • Solution validated and deployed with leading RAN vendors
Robin Benefits:
  • Significant reduction in RAN deployment time, from days/hours to minutes
  • Enabler of hardware and software disaggregation, driving CapEx reductions of up to 40%
  • Hyper-automation can reduce OpEx up to 50%
  • Simplification of Day 2 / Day N operations, including frequent upgrades, patches, changes at scale
  • Increase in network availability, thanks to self-healing and multi-application placement
  • Eases transition to CI/CD operational model for faster time-to-market of new services

Automate Your 5G Services Applications on Kubernetes

Today, 5G mobile operators require new software solutions to provision network capacity, automate service delivery, and reduce operating costs. With the Robin solution for 5G, operators can achieve end-to-end automation for the deployment, scaling, and lifecycle management of any data- or network-centric application – all the way from OSS/BSS to core to edge to RAN.