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The Robin Cloud Native Platform

Deliver Your Apps as a Service, Anywhere


The Robin Cloud Native Platform Automates Complex Enterprise Applications

The Robin Cloud Native Platform enables enterprises to deploy and manage complex, data- and network-intensive applications with an “as-a-service” experience anywhere, on-prem or in the cloud. The platform empowers your developers, DBAs, and data scientists to deploy any application pipeline from a self-service app store in minutes, without relying on infrastructure teams or IT tickets that often require weeks.

The platform combines app-aware storage, virtual networking, and application workflow automation built on industry-standard Kubernetes.

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Application Workflow Automation

The Robin platform’s unique app- and infrastructure-topology awareness ensures performance and availability by enforcing compute and storage affinity/anti-affinity constraints and data locality. Application bundles enable rapid deployment of entire data-centric application pipelines, with one-click provisioning and lifecycle management, creating an “app store”-like experience.


App-Aware Storage

App-aware storage is essential to maintaining stateful application performance and availability in Kubernetes environments, something most automation platforms do not address. App-aware, enterprise-grade storage means the Robin platform ensures optimal placement of data to achieve SLA guarantees. What’s more, it can easily scale up and scale out storage as requirements change, while application-based snapshots allow for seamless mobility across public and private clouds.


Virtual Networking

Set networking options while deploying applications and clusters in Kubernetes, and preserve IP addresses during restarts and application migration. Flexible networking built on OVS and Calico supports overlay networking.

Robin Value

Increase Productivity

  • Deploy entire application pipelines in minutes, not weeks
  • Improve developer productivity with one-click application provisioning and lifecycle management
  • Run with confidence through app-aware data protection and management
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Lower Cost

  • Improve performance and utilization with an app- and infrastructure-aware platform
  • Consolidate 3-5x more apps on equivalent infrastructure
  • Reduce operational overhead with one-click management simplicity
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Run Anywhere

  • Avoid lock-in with app mobility across on-prem and public cloud
  • Achieve true flexibility with common workflows across private and public clouds
  • Define your application once, run anywhere without modification
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