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Robin Architecture

Deliver Any Application as a Service

Application Management​

Robin’s application management layer is the “intelligent” component of the Robin platform. This is the management component that orchestrates the entire infrastructure from an application perspective, and manages data as well as the application lifecycle.​

One-Click Deployment of Complex Applications

Taking an application as the payload, the application-aware manager automatically decides the placement, provisions containers and storage for each application component, and configures the application – enabling one-click deployment of even the most complex applications.​

High Availability​

The Robin application management layer continuously monitors the entire application and infrastructure stack to automatically recover failed nodes and disks, failover applications, and ensure that each application dynamically gets adequate disk IO and network bandwidth to deliver the application and infrastructure QoS guarantee.​

Application-Driven Data Lifecycle Management​

Robin’s application-centric data management approach greatly simplifies application lifecycle management. With Robin, developers can create quick application clones and snapshots for agile development and testing. Using thin provisioning, compression, and copy-on-write technologies, Robin ensures that clones and snapshots are created in seconds using a minuscule amount of additional storage. Even a 100TB database can be cloned in a snap using only a few GBs of additional storage.​

The Robin platform architecture is a container-based pure software solution that sits between the application and the infrastructure. It lets application workflows dynamically control storage, compute, and networking resources across on-prem deployments and in the cloud. This architecture requires no changes to the applications, with REST APIs and hooks that interface with the rest of your environment.