Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform

for Big Data, Databases and AI/ML

Robin in 2 Mins

ROBIN is the industry’s first hyper-converged Kubernetes platform for big data, databases, and AI/ML. The platform provides a self-service App-store experience for the deployment of any application, anywhere – runs on-premises in your private data center or in public-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) environments.

Hyperconverged Kubernetes

Hyper-converged Kubernetes is a software-defined application orchestration framework that combines containerized storage, networking, compute (Kubernetes), and the application management layer into a single system. Our approach extends Kubernetes for data-intensive applications such as Hortonworks, Cloudera, Elastic stack, RDBMS, NoSQL databases, and AI/ML apps.

  • Facilitates simpler and faster roll-out of critical Enterprise IT and LoB initiatives, such as containerization, cloud-migration, cost-consolidation, and productivity improvement.
  • Solves the fundamental challenges of running big data and databases in Kubernetes
  • Enables the deployment of an agile, and flexible Kubernetes-based infrastructure for your Enterprise Applications.
Application Management Layer – Manage Applications and configure Kubernetes, Storage & Networking with Application workflows.
Built-in Storage – Allocate storage while deploying an application or cluster, share storage among apps and users, get SLA guarantees when consolidating, support for data locality, affinity, anti-affinity and isolation constraints, and tackle storage for applications that modify the Root filesystem.
Kubernetes – Run big data and databases in extended Kubernetes, eliminating limitations that restrict Kubernetes to micro-services applications.
Built-in Networking – Set networking options while deploying apps and clusters in Kubernetes and preserve IP addresses during restarts.

ROBIN hyper-converged Kubernetes architecture brings to life a 1-Click simplicity to any enterprise application for deployment and lifecycle management functions such as snapshot, clone, patch, upgrade, backup, restore, scale, and control QoS of the entire application. This is done with a single mouse click or REST API call independent of the size and complexity of the application.

Production Ready on Day Zero

  • Allocate built-in storage for big data and database cluster provisioning during deployment
  • Auto-create StatefulSets, Persistent Volumes, Claims, Services etc. to meet application needs
  • Preserve IP addresses during restarts with built-in networking
  • Create clones, snapshots for time-travel
  • Enable scalable and elastic pool of compute and storage resources

Manage any enterprise application on Kubernetes

  • Self-service 1-click deployment for Kubernetes-based data-driven applications
  • Manage complex enterprise applications including Cloudera, Hortonworks, Oracle, Elastic Stack, SAP HANA, Cassandra, and many more
  • Contain database and OS sprawl
  • Gain elastic performance guarantee and scaling (CPU, Memory, IOPS)
  • Eliminate noisy neighbor issues

ROBIN hyper-converged Kubernetes platform brings simplicity to DevOps and critical IT functions in the Enterprise for big data, databases, and AI/ML.

1-Click Deployment

  • Simplify application and cluster deployment for data-heavy Kubernetes-based apps using the 1-click feature—provision entire cluster with 1 click and be operational within minutes
  • Deploy container-based clusters for data-heavy Kubernetes-based apps – a collection of containers running across commodity servers

Snapshot and Restore

  • Take unlimited application and cluster snapshots
  • Restore or refresh a cluster to any point-in-time using snapshots

Guaranteed QoS

  • Dynamic QoS controls for every resource – CPU, memory, network and storage
  • Complete bi-directional insight to troubleshoot IO related problems


  • Make rapid clones of the entire application, thick, thin, or deferred—with no performance penalties
  • Live clone a NoSQL or traditional database with a single click

High Availability

  • ROBIN monitors the health of Infrastructure, Containers, and Applications
  • App-aware failover on bare metal
  • App-aware data failover on bare metal (Only product to provide HA for apps that persist state inside Docker images)

Simplified Application Upgrade

  • Safe-Upgrade technology guarantees that failed upgrades can be rolled back without disrupting application.
  • Rolling upgrade of application containers. Integrated with CI/CD pipeline