ROBIN Hyper-Converged
Kubernetes Platform

for big data, Databases, and AI/ML

Robin in 2 Mins

ROBIN is the industry’s first hyper-converged Kubernetes platform for big data, databases, and AI/ML. The platform provides a self-service App-store experience for the deployment of any application, anywhere – runs on-premises in your private data center or in public-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) environments.

Hyper-Converged Kubernetes

Hyper-converged Kubernetes is a software-defined application orchestration framework that combines containerized storage, networking, compute (Kubernetes), and the application management layer into a single system. Our approach extends Kubernetes for data-intensive applications such as Hortonworks, Cloudera, Elastic stack, RDBMS, NoSQL databases, and AI/ML apps.

Application Management Layer – Manage Applications and configure Kubernetes, Storage & Networking with Application workflows.
Built-in Storage – Allocate storage while deploying an application or cluster, share storage among apps and users, get SLA guarantees when consolidating, support for data locality, affinity, anti-affinity and isolation constraints, and tackle storage for applications that modify the Root filesystem.
Kubernetes – Run big data and databases in extended Kubernetes, eliminating limitations that restrict Kubernetes to micro-services applications.
Built-in Networking – Set networking options while deploying apps and clusters in Kubernetes and preserve IP addresses during restarts.
  • Facilitates simpler and faster roll-out of critical Enterprise IT and LoB initiatives, such as containerization, cloud-migration, cost-consolidation and developer productivity.

  • Solves the fundamental challenges of running big data and databases in Kubernetes

  • Enables the deployment of an agile, and flexible Kubernetes-based infrastructure for your Enterprise Applications.

Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform Benefits

ROBIN hyper-converged Kubernetes architecture brings to life a 1-Click simplicity to data-heavy Kubernetes-based apps for deployment and lifecycle management functions such as snapshot, clone, patch, upgrade, backup, restore, scale, and control QoS of the entire application. This is done with a single mouse click or REST API call independent of the size and complexity of the application.

Tightly Converged
Storage, Network, and Kubernetes stack

Overview: Application Virtualization Platform: Container-based Virtualization for Databases & applications. Virtualize with bare metal performance & guaranteed IOPS

Guaranteed QoS
With Workload Consolidation

Application Virtualization Platform: Container-based Virtualization for Databases & applications. Virtualize with bare metal performance & guaranteed IOPS

Simple DevOps
1-Click App Lifecycle Operations

  • Allocate built-in storage for big data and database cluster provisioning during deployment
  • Auto-create StatefulSets, Persistent Volumes, Claims, Services etc. to meet application needs
  • Preserve IP addresses during restarts with built-in networking
  • Self-service 1-click deployment for Kubernetes-based data-driven applications
  • Create clones, snapshots for time-travel
  • Tame complicated distributed applications: Hadoop, Cassandra, Oracle, TensorFlow, SAP HANA and more

Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform Features

ROBIN hyper-converged Kubernetes platform is feature-rich and brings simplicity to DevOps and critical IT functions in the Enterprise for big data, databases, and AI/ML.

Guaranteed QoS

ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform for Big Data. Manage entire Big Data pipeline Applications from deployment to lifecycle management: data ingest to visualization - Elastic Cloning and Scaling
Dynamic QoS controls for every resource – CPU, memory, network and storage
Complete bi-directional insight to troubleshoot IO related problems

1-Click Deployment

ROBIN Hyper-Converged Kubernetes Platform for Relational Databases (RDBMS): No Compromise Database Consolidation: Consolidate databases, Reduce software license costs - Simplified Deployment
Simplify application and cluster deployment for data-heavy Kubernetes-based apps using 1-click feature—provision entire cluster with 1 click and be operational within minutes
Deploy container-based clusters for data-heavy Kubernetes-based apps – a collection of containers running across commodity servers

Snapshot and Restore

Overview - Application Virtualization Platform: Container-based Virtualization for Databases & applications. Virtualize with bare metal performance & guaranteed IOPS
Take unlimited application and cluster snapshots
Restore or refresh a cluster to any point-in-time using snapshots


Make rapid clones of the entire application, thick, thin, or deferred—with no performance penalties
Live clone a NoSQL or traditional database with a single click

High Availability

Overview - Application Virtualization Platform - High Availability for Applications
ROBIN monitors health of Infrastructure, Containers and Applications
1. App-aware failover on bare metal 2. App-aware data failover on bare metal (Only product to provide HA for apps that persist state inside Docker images)

Simplified Application Upgrade

Overview - Application Virtualization Platform - Simplified Application Upgrade
Safe-Upgrade technology guarantees that failed upgrades can be rolled back without distrupting application.
Rolling upgrade of application containers. Integrated with CI/CD pipeline