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Simplifying Kubernetes Storage and Data Management For DevOps

As container and Kubernetes adoption grows, developers and DevOps teams are expanding the use cases beyond stateless applications to stateful applications in order to drive operational consistency, extend the agility of containerization to data, gain faster collaboration, and simplify the delivery of data services. However, when it comes to provisioning storage for complex stateful applications that span multiple pods and services, careful storage management and day-to-day data management capabilities and expertise are critical requirements. Join us for this webinar where you will learn:

* Why there is a need for a simple storage and data management solution for Kubernetes
* How developer-friendly storage can easily be incorporated into CI/CD pipelines
* How Robin can help you make the leap to leveraging Kubernetes for your complex, stateful applications

Ankur Desai, Director of Product Management,
Madhura Gaunekar, Principal Engineer,

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