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Deliver Big Data as a Service

Automate Your Complex Big Data Applications Using Kubernetes

Solution Brief

Cloud-native Big Data for Your Enterprise

The Robin Cloud Native Platform extends Kubernetes with application automation, built-in storage, and networking, to deliver a production-ready solution for big data. Robin automates the provisioning and management of big data clusters so you can deliver an “as-a-service” experience with one-click simplicity to data engineers, data scientists, and developers.

Separation of Compute and Storage

Disaggregate compute and storage, the cloud-native way

Enjoy cloud-like cost efficiencies by disaggregating compute and storage. Scale independently so you can store massive data on inexpensive hardware, while only utilizing compute when needed. For high performance, turn on data locality with one click.


On-demand Scaling

Start small and scale up or scale out as you need

DevOps and IT teams can start with small deployments and easily add more resources as applications grow. With Robin, there is no need to create IT tickets or wait for days to scale-up NameNodes, or to add more DataNodes. Robin cuts the response time to just a few minutes with simple, one-click scale-up and scale-out.


Improved Hardware Utilization

Get more out of your hardware investments

Consolidate multiple big data workloads and improve hardware utilization without compromising SLAs or QoS. The Robin platform provides multi-tenancy with RBAC which enables sharing resources between clusters. For example, if a cluster runs the majority of its batch jobs during the night, it can borrow resources from an adjacent application cluster with daytime peaks, and vice versa.


Self-service Experience

Self-service provisioning in an app-store experience

Create a private app-store that your developers can use to provision big data clusters, eliminating IT tickets and procedural delays. Robin’s application automation platform simplifies the deployment of complex, big data applications on Kubernetes. Simply log in to an app-store experience, click on the desired application, and allocate the compute and storage resources. Your application will be deployed and ready to use within minutes.