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Deliver Big Data as a Service

Automate Your Big Data Infrastructure Using Kubernetes

Cloud-native Big Data for Your Enterprise, Powered by Robin

The Robin platform extends Kubernetes with built-in storage, networking, and application management to deliver a production-ready solution for big data. Robin automates the provisioning and management of big data clusters so you can deliver an “as-a-service” experience with one-click simplicity to data engineers, data scientists, and developers.

Decouple compute and storage the cloud-native way

Enjoy cloud-like cost efficiencies by decoupling compute and storage. Store massive data on inexpensive hardware, and use compute efficiently when needed.

Achieve cost efficiencies by decoupling compute (CPU and memory) and storage, and scaling independently. Simply turn on data locality with one-click when you really need it for high performance.

Big Data Solution Resources

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning EcoCast – Partha Seetala, CTO

Big data and artificial intelligence/machine learning are technology trends that we’re just scratching the surface of, with long-term potential.


Big Data-as-a-Service with Kubernetes

Automate your big data infrastructure using cloud-native architecture. Improve the agility and efficiency of your data scientists, data engineers, and developers.


Deploy, Manage, and Consolidate Hadoop with Robin

Hadoop and its ecosystem apps, including Hortonworks, Cloudera, Kafka, Spark, Hbase, Tensorflow, Druid, and others, are popular tools used in modern data analytics, AI, and ML projects.


Kubernetes for Stateful Workloads Benchmarks

Robin provides bare-metal-like performance for big data and databases on Kubernetes.