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Deliver Database-as-a-Service

Automate Your Database Infrastructure Using Kubernetes for Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, and other databases

Solution Brief

Cloud-native Database-as-a-Service for Your Enterprise

The Robin Cloud Native Platform extends Kubernetes with application automation, built-in storage, and networking, to deliver a production-ready solution for database management. Robin automates the provisioning and management of databases so that you can deliver an “as-a-service” experience with one-click simplicity to developers, DBAs, and data scientists. .

Self-service Experience

Self-service provisioning in an app-store experience

Create a private app-store that your developers can use to provision databases, eliminating IT tickets and procedural delays. With Robin, deploying databases on Kubernetes is a breeze. Simply log into an app-store experience, click on the desired application, and allocate the compute and storage resources. Your application will be deployed and ready to use within minutes.


Agile Dev/Test Refreshes

Bring DevOps agility to databases

Your dev, test, and ops teams can more easily collaborate using database cloning. Create exact replicas of your dev/test/production environment within minutes with one click operations. In addition, Robin’s copy-on-write cloning method significantly reduces storage requirements.


Reduced Hardware and Licensing Costs

Significantly lower TCO for databases

Consolidate multiple database workloads without compromising SLAs and therefore reduce hardware costs. The Robin platform provides performance isolation with min/max IOPS control for guaranteed QoS, role-based access controls (RBAC), and the ability to scale as you need so you avoid having to overprovision CPUs, leading to lower database licensing costs.


On-demand Scaling

Don’t overprovision, scale as you need

Developers and DBAs can scale-up by adding more memory, CPU, or storage resources, or scale-out by adding more database nodes with simple one-click operations. There is no need to create IT tickets and Robin gives you the flexibility to scale without any disruption or downtime to your application.