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Deliver Database as-a-Service

Automate your database infrastructure using Kubernetes for Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, and other databases.

Managed Service Experience for Your Databases, Powered by ROBIN

ROBIN platform extends Kubernetes with built-in storage, networking, and application management to deliver a production-ready solution for database management. ROBIN automates the provisioning and management of databases so that you can deliver an “as-a-service” experience with 1-click simplicity to data engineers, data scientists, and developers.

Self-service provisioning through app-store

Provide your private app-store to developers. Developers provision big data clusters themselves, eliminating IT tickets and procedural delays.

With ROBIN platform, deploying big data, databases, and AI/ML on Kubernetes is a breeze. Simply log in to be greeted by an app-store experience, click on your favorite application, adjust the compute and storage resources if you want (you don’t have to) and relax. Your application will be deployed and ready to use within minutes.

Databases Solution Resources

Deliver Oracle-as-service on Kubernetes

Bringing Oracle and Oracle RAC to Life using Hyper-converged Kubernetes.


Big Data-as-a-Service with Kubernetes

Autoamte your Big Data infrastructure using cloud-native architecture.


NoSQL on Kubernetes

Deploy, Manage, Consolidate NoSQL Applicationsn on Kubernetes with ROBIN Platform.


Global Technology Company for Travel Industry

400 Oracle RAC databases managed by a single ROBIN cluster in a self-service environment.


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