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Deliver Elastic Stack as-a-Service

Turbocharge your DevOps productivity with Elastic Stack on Kubernetes.

Cloud-native Elastic Stack for your enterprise, Powered by ROBIN

ROBIN  platform extends Kubernetes with built-in storage, networking, and application management to deliver a production-ready solution for the ELK stack. ROBIN automates the provisioning and management of ELK clusters so that you can deliver an “as-a-service” experience with 1-click simplicity to your Developers, Operation teams, and Data Scientists.

11 billion security events ingested and analyzed a day – DevOps simplicity for Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, (ELK) and Kafka.

Dynamic scaling to meet sudden demands

No need to create IT tickets wait for days to scale-up Data Nodes by adding more memory, CPU, or Storage, or to scale-out by adding more Data Nodes.

If a Data Node runs out of resources, end users can simply scale up by adding more CPU/RAM, no need for IT tickets. Adding more Data Nodes to existing ELK cluster is also a simple 1-click operation.

Indexing and Search Solution Resources

Elastic Stack-as-a-Service with Kubernetes

Turbocharge your Elastic Stack infrastructure using cloud-native architecture.


Elastic Stack as-a-Servcie on Kubernetes with ROBIN

The Elastic Stack, also known as the ELK stack, is one of the most popular DevOps tools.


Global Technology Company for Travel Industry

Fortune 100 financial services company ingests and analyzes 11 billion security events a day.


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