Not all Kubernetes storage is created equal

Learn how ROBIN Storage brings advanced data management capabilities to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Google Cloud’s Anthos

Extend GKE to run any enterprise application including Big Data, Database, and AI/ML

Use ROBIN Storage to run your mission-critical stateful applications on GKE/Google Cloud’s Anthos. Google and engineers are collaborating to design standardized APIs for data management capabilities needed for running data-centric workloads. We bring advanced data management to Kubernetes-native frameworks including HELM and Operators.

Advanced Data Management for GKE

Automated Application Management

Quickly and easily deploy/manage enterprise workloads on GKE. ROBIN Storage is application-aware, i.e. all lifecycle operations are performed in the context of the app+data, not just the storage volumes.

Data Protection for Always-on Applications

Protect app+data with replication, snapshots, backup & recovery, and enterprise-grade security. Never miss SLAs for high priority applications.

Agile Dev/Test/Ops Collaboration

ROBIN Storage helps you manage app+data, not just storage volumes. You can collaborate across geos and teams by cloning app+data in minutes.

Hybrid and Multi-cloud Flexibility

Easily move app+data, between on-prem and Google Cloud. Avoid infrastructure lock-in with the flexibility to run your applications where you want.

Use Kubernetes-native frameworks including HELM and Operators

You can provision and manage stateful applications on GKE using Kubectl, HELM, and Operator frameworks. For any lifecycle operation - such as snapshot or clone of an application provisioned using HELM, ROBIN Storage includes the data as well as the application configuration and the HELM metadata.

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Run Mission Critical Apps with Confidence

ROBIN provides built-in data replication to ensure high availability. Point-in-time snapshots for apps+data enable time-travel and recovering from user mistakes, and apps+data Backup and Restore functionality enables you to recover from application crashes and/or data center downtime (Disaster Recovery). Get bare-metal performance and guarantee QoS for high priority applications by setting maximum IOPS limits per application on GKE.

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DevOps for Stateful Applications

With ROBIN Storage for GKE, you can clone entire application environments, and share them across teams. For example, while developing new features, your Dev team can use a clone of the production environment as the starting point to minimize errors. Upon finishing the implementation, the Dev team can create a clone of their environment and handover to QA for testing.

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Avoid Infrastructure Lock-in

You can easily move apps+data, between on-prem and Google Cloud, and if needed, other public clouds, and enjoy cost-efficiencies by choosing the most economic infrastructure at any given point. Moving app+data is completely automated by ROBIN Storage. You simply run a single command to move app+data across clouds.

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